Welcome to LK Advisory.

We are independent, trusted advisors to private sector and government clients, in all facets of Urban & Regional Planning, Strategy, Policy, Governance and Performance.

Managing Director, Len Kosova is an Urban and Regional Planner, Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Member of the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Statutory Planning Committee and Executive, Finance & Property Committee. His unique, state-wide experience assures our clients of unrivalled knowledge to deliver outstanding results.

Urban & Regional Planning

We draw on our extensive experience and deep Planning knowledge to:

  • Support our private sector clients in navigating all aspects of Western Australia’s complex planning and approvals system;
  • Advise and assist our government clients in reviewing and reforming their regulatory approvals frameworks;
  • Straddle government and private sector interests to tactfully negotiate planning and development solutions;
  • Skilfully design and deliver community and stakeholder engagement activities for planning and development proposals; and
  • Provide specialist Planning advice in respect of complex land compensation, development contribution and appeal matters.


We use our signature “compass and roadmap” approach to work closely with our clients in developing smart strategy and targeted actions to achieve desired results – from strategic community plans and corporate business plans to sophisticated strategies for individual project success.



LK Advisory works with decision makers and community leaders to develop informed and independent policies that are expertly crafted to:

  • Respond to current and emerging issues;
  • Ensure actions and outcomes align with strategic objectives; and
  • Achieve clarity, consistency and quality in decision-making.


Managing Director, Len Kosova is accomplished in:

  • Administering and advising Presiding Members and Chairpersons on meeting procedures and statutory compliance;
  • Distinguishing and defining the roles, responsibilities, obligations and entitlements of staff and decision-makers;
  • Nurturing collaborative relationships between councils, committees, boards and the staff reporting to them; and
  • Leading local government reforms in transparency, accountability, statutory compliance and risk management.


We support our clients to deliver outstanding performance and customer experiences by:

  • Aligning policies, processes, systems and structures to achieve strategic objectives;
  • Fostering organisational innovation, resilience, agility and responsiveness;
  • Assessing the value and consequence of different options and decisions using our proven five-factor method to evaluate Impact, Ease, Affordability, Immediacy and Alignment; and
  • Providing leadership guidance and support to ensure actions and behaviours are aligned to organisational values, culture and guiding principles.